Chip Credit Card Reader

The sweeping change from magnetic strip cards to chip cards has brought about some expected, as well as unexpected, changes.  We wrote about chip cards last October (read it here), detailing some of the benefits and risks behind the change.

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sandals in sand

Spring Broke?  Yep.  Here we go … college students everywhere are gearing up to hit the beach and for plenty of small businesses, that means one thing – slow payments.  Let’s face it, most people live paycheck to paycheck.  

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Business Meeting - people in a line

Last month here at the Credit Service Company blog, we talked about implementing new – or at least updated – policies into your credit conversations and while we had some great feedback, we also received some questions.  

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money sitting on a table

As we shake off the fact that another year has come and gone, we’ve got to come out of the ether enough to realize that chances are really good that you’ve left some money on the table.  

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black friday buy credit

We get questions from people trying to understand their credit score and wanting to know how they can work to improve it. Thanks to Lisa Smith at United Federal Credit Union, who supplied this information!  

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Christmas Bows

Research shows that the average American is expected to spend $847 this Christmas.  This figure was determined after averaging three major research group's poll results. 

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bank banking cards

As our country begins to progress towards chip cards, are you as a consumer or business owner prepared and informed on changes they will bring about?  Here is a quick guide on protecting yourself against any fraud that you may encounter as these chip cards become more common.  

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Keyboard with blue replay button

Many companies extend credit to their customers, allowing them to generate sales to customers who cannot provide the cash up front. Sometimes, this leads to complications from customers who do not pay in a timely manner.

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Blue Stethescope

 Identity theft is nothing new. The law states that identity theft is when “someone unlawfully obtains another’s personal information and uses it to commit theft or fraud.”

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What our clients are saying:

Excellent Results

"We have been using Credit Service Company since July of 2011.  During this time, I have been nothing but pleased with the service we receive. "

Good Experience

""Our company has had very good luck using Credit Service Co. to collect on past due bills. We have had an all-around good experience." - Ellen S.  "

Great Service

""Great Service!" -Janice L.  "

Always Satisfied

""I have been using Credit Service for my collection needs for over 20 years and have always been well satisfied with their service." - Steve Mcallister, owner, Royal Janitorial "

Friendly and Helpful

""We have been using Credit Service Company for many years and are very happy with their service…so friendly and helpful!" -Leslie S.  "

Always Very Professional

"Have been working with this company for years.  Always VERY professional.  Keep up the great work!"

Great Company and Great People

"Great company and great people!! Thank you for your efficiency and courtesy!" - James K."

Provide Excellent Customer Service

"I am pleased to recommend the services of Credit Service Company.  Our emergency medical clinic has used Credit Service Company for the past 9 years.  During this time, they have always provided excellent customer service to our customers and given us no cause for complaint.  We have found them to be sincere, professional, and efficient in the collection of accounts. ~Emergency Medical Clinic Business Office Manager"

Very Helpful in Advising

"I wholeheartedly recommend Credit Service Company.  They have been instrumental in collecting fees owed that otherwise would have been lost to me.   "

"Proficient at handling large volumes of past-due accounts."

"During my 30+ year tenure as a Business Office Manager for a flagship hospital, a very solid and profitable business relationship was maintained with Credit Service Company. "

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