arkansas credit collection services


Why should I use a collection agency?

When you have not been promptly paid for a product or service you have provided, professional attention becomes necessary in order to recover the money justly owed to you. Credit Service Company possesses the skills and expertise required to maximize your return on past due receivables. This enables you to focus on generating new income, while we focus on collecting your past due accounts before they become uncollectible.


How do I know Credit Service Company is capable of handling my collections?

Credit Service Company is experienced in handling accounts of all sizes and providing the same level of service for our high-volume clients as for the client who turns a single account. We have the technological resources and market knowledge to successfully collect on your type of account.


How do I know Credit Service Company is a reputable company?

Locally owned and operated since 1979, Credit Service Company has consistently proven our ability to provide professional, quality service. Licensed and bonded in the state of Arkansas, we are members in good standing of ACA International, networking us with over 3500 agencies nationwide. Our employees receive ongoing training and development in the latest collection techniques, as well as FDCPA compliance training.


What does Credit Service Company charge for collecting on accounts? 

Each client is different, in terms of the condition of their past due receivables.  Amount, age, and total number of accounts being turned over for collection are the primary factors we evaluate in order to reach a fee structure. Our fees are contingent upon what we collect, so if we don't collect, you don't pay. There are no hidden fees, no surprises.


How do I know I'm getting a fair rate? 

Remember to take into account what you're really getting for your money. While you may initially want to look at the commission rate, that alone is meaningless. Commission rates can be outbid, but the key is the recovery rate, or net return. Also, consider the level of service you receive and the peace of mind in knowing that your business is being represented by a skilled agency operating at the highest professional standards.


How do I turn accounts to CSC for collection?

You may fax, mail, or email as much detailed information you have on each account; large volume accounts can be submitted in FTP format. Initially obtaining as much detailed information as possible from your customer and submitting it with the account greatly improves recovery.


How will I know the status of my accounts?

Although we employ the latest technology in collection techniques and practices, in many ways we still do business the old fashioned way by providing hands-on service. Clients receive statements every month with account details, but anytime you want to know the status of an account, or just ask a question, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. We want to hear from our clients and we still answer the phone ourselves. You will not be burdened, or frustrated, by unnecessary automation that wastes a lot of time. We offer "Service Above and Beyond Collections" and we mean it.


What if I have accounts currently placed with another agency but want to start turning my accounts to CSC for collection?

Mail a certified letter to the agency that is not performing to your satisfaction, informing them to close and return your accounts to you. Then you may submit these accounts to Credit Service Company for maximum recovery. Otherwise, if you have accounts ready to go to collection, but have not yet been placed with the other agency, you may turn them to Credit Service Company immediately.


What other services do you offer?

Unlike many other agencies, Credit Service Company is unwavering in our commitment to recovering your bad debt and has not branched out into unrelated services. Collecting your bad debt is what we are trained to do. This is where our expertise lies and where our focus remains. Please see our Services page for a list of our comprehensive collection services.

What our clients are saying:

Provide Excellent Customer Service

I am pleased to recommend the services of Credit Service Company.  Our emergency medical clinic has used Credit Service Company for the past 9 years.  During this time, they have always provided excellent customer service to our customers and given us no cause for complaint.  We have found them to be sincere, professional, and efficient in the collection of accounts. ~Emergency Medical Clinic Business Office Manager

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