Research shows that the average American is expected to spend $847 this Christmas.  This figure was determined after averaging three major research group's poll results. 

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As our country begins to progress towards chip cards, are you as a consumer or business owner prepared and informed on changes they will bring about?  Here is a quick guide on protecting yourself against any fraud that you may encounter as these chip cards become more common.  

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Many companies extend credit to their customers, allowing them to generate sales to customers who cannot provide the cash up front. Sometimes, this leads to complications from customers who do not pay in a timely manner.

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 Identity theft is nothing new. The law states that identity theft is when “someone unlawfully obtains another’s personal information and uses it to commit theft or fraud.”

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Isn’t the telephone a wonderful thing?  Can you think of a more modern convenience which has spanned more than 150 years?  

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