The sweeping change from magnetic strip cards to chip cards has brought about some expected, as well as unexpected, changes.  We wrote about chip cards last October (read it here), detailing some of the benefits and risks behind the change.

Spring Broke?  Yep.  Here we go … college students everywhere are gearing up to hit the beach and for plenty of small businesses, that means one thing – slow payments.  Let’s face it, most people live paycheck to paycheck.  

Last month here at the Credit Service Company blog, we talked about implementing new – or at least updated – policies into your credit conversations and while we had some great feedback, we also received some questions.  

As we shake off the fact that another year has come and gone, we’ve got to come out of the ether enough to realize that chances are really good that you’ve left some money on the table.  

We get questions from people trying to understand their credit score and wanting to know how they can work to improve it. Thanks to Lisa Smith at United Federal Credit Union, who supplied this information!